Benefits for Members



How to benefit from us

  • How to Benefit: The Illuminati: basically defined as the most powerful elite organization in the world, political leaders, Musicians, Rich People have all benefited in Illuminati.
  • The secret society was established in early 15th century and has since gained immense popularity wide world.
  • it was a free mason society but the members thought there was religious misunderstanding due to the members of the Illuminati were non-believers.
  • Based on the its impact onto the world, a formation of new world order came to exit. Illuminati promotes happiness around the world

What you benefit from us

  1. A  house in any country of your choice
  2. New Brand cars of your choice
  3. $50,000,000 As a new Member
  4. Illuminati Bible
  5. Illuminati ring of powers
  6. Illuminati garment
  7. $100000000 As your Monthly payment
  8. $50000000 Every week as your blessing from the lord
  9. International passport for visiting any country of your choice

Spiritual and Moral values:

The Illuminati is a secret family that strive to promote spiritual and moral values. it was formed to lead the world under the principals of love, justice, unity,peace, relief. the family brought rich and famous individuals of goodwill together as a society regards of their differences and backgrounds, they aim was to ensure that all people in the world live in peace and have a better life.


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